Aluta Education & Training Projects offers dynamic approaches to skills development, its drive is anchored in on supporting developmentl goals of the country on the front of skills development.

The team offers work readiness programs for graduates and school leavers, skills training for the public and private sector, project management for the Matric 2nd Chance rewrite program and Career Exhibitions. The Aluta team is made up of young competent leaders that have earned their stripes in the education & training sphere.

Aluta Education & Training Projects is a wholy black owned youth education institute whose aim is to ensure the quality and value of education remains uppermost i the developmental agenda of the country through providing educational programs that empower and develop our government and pivate sector.

Our Mission

To be innovative in our overall approach where we shall conduct continuous research on socio-economic conditions of the country so that we employ practical educational programs that will meaningfully intervene in identified knowledge gaps and also undertake international comparative studies in the education and training sector so as to establish formidable combinations which will result in the best rememdies.  

Our Vision

To be a pioneer in the education & development services, where we are willing and able to go beyond our scope in affirming quality educational programs which will realize empowerment and developmental endeavors.